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September 1, 2017 - អារម្មណ៍ពិត របស់កូនប្រុសពៅរបស់នាយ ក្រឹម ក្រោយឪពុកចេញពីផ្ទះតាមប្រពន្ធក្មេង!
August 28, 2017 - រក​ឃើញ​ឃាតករ​ហើយ មិនមែន​ចោរប្លន់​ទេ តាម​ពិត​គឺ​…
August 28, 2017 - សាររបស់ ខៀវ សានសាណា ក្រោយបងប្រុសនាង បាញ់សម្លាប់ភរិយា និងសម្លាប់ខ្លួនឯងតាមក្រោយ!
August 27, 2017 - មិនសរសើរមិនបាន!​ ទោះភ្លៀងយ៉ាងណា ក៏ឆន សុវណ្ណរាជ នៅតែបន្តច្រៀងលើឆាកទាំងសើមជោគ!
August 27, 2017 - ប្រហោងពោះអស់! រូបមួយសន្លឹករបស់ Yaya មើលមួយភ្លែត ស្មានតែស្រាត!
August 26, 2017 - សមត្ថកិច្ច​ប្រមូល​ស្ទាវ​សម្ងំ​ឱបរឹត​គ្នា​បាន​ជាង​៤០​នាក់
August 26, 2017 - មកស្គាល់ម្តាយ របស់តារាប្រុសស្រីល្បីៗទាំងនេះ សម្រស់មិនចាញ់កូនៗប៉ុន្មានទេ!
August 25, 2017 - អ្នកគាំទ្រ កំពុងតែភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល ពេលឃើញ គង់ សុជាតិ និងស្វាមី ជិះសុទ្ធឡានទំនើបម្នាក់មួយ!
August 25, 2017 - បើឃុំ ប៉ុណ្ណាដែត ធ្វើម្លឹងៗ អ្នកណា ក៏គិតថាយក់ ថិតរដ្ឋា ជានារីមានសំណាងបំផុតដែរ!
August 25, 2017 - ម៉ៃ សុគន្ធ​ សម្ដែង​ការ​សោកស្ដាយ​ខ្លាំង ដែល​អ្នកសិល្បៈ​បោះឆ្នោត​ឲ្យ ចន ច័ន្ទលក្ខិណា ធ្វើ​ជា​ប្រធាន​ «សមាគម​​សិល្បករខ្មែរ»
Son Stay at Home alone

Son Stay at Home alone

This is the first time when Chem stayed at home alone. Chem’s parents had never left him alone at home in such situation. They had to leave their home promptly as Chem’s grandmother was seriously sick then. Besides, Chem would have an exam next day. That’s why they had to leave Chem alone at home for that night.

Being alone at home, Chem was very busier compared to when he was with his parents? Chem learnt his lessons by heart in preparation for his exam in the next morning. He felt so tired, yet he had to do cooking, washing dishes and cleaning house. He worked incessantly, for he was afraid of being blamed by his parents.

Finishing his dinner, he started to have an anxious feeling as the sky became dark.

His scare disappeared, nonetheless, when he remembered what he told his parents that he could stay at home alone. “I must keep the lamp illuminating for the whole night; otherwise, I would feel afraid,” he thought. He went to bed, keeping the light on.

Chem could not sleep as he was not accustomed to sleeping under light. He switched it off then. The darkness was frightening him, when he looked through the door and windows, seeing shadows of trees waving in wind. “How should I do? No, I have to be brave. That’s only the tree shadows”.

Chem tried to sleep again after having committed himself to be brave. Falling asleep during that midnight, Chem was awakened when he heard his chickens yelling in their cage. Chem spoke to himself in a low voice, “Oh! I forgot to lock the chicken cage. If my parents knew, they would blame me bluntly.”

Chem illuminated the lamp and went down with the key to lock the cage. Approaching the cage, he saw two men with a small flashlight in their attempt to steal his chicken, and he blew out the lamp. He was thinking then that, “What should I do? If I shouted, the thieves would escape.”

Seeing the cage door was open, he moved slowly toward the door, pulling and locking it so as to get the thieves confined. He was afraid then, but he determined that, “I must be brave.”

Chem locked the door, and ran to call for helps loudly, “Helps! Helps!

Helps! There are chicken thieves! Helps” Hearing so, his neighbors ran in groups toward the scene with sticks, knives and axes to help Chem. The thieves were so anxious when they heard Chem’s shouting. They tried to escape but failed as the cage was firmly locked.

The villagers and their chief arrested the thieves and sent them to be punished under the laws. They all were so happy because they had tried to arrest them for ages. The village chief praised Chem, “You’re a very smart and brave child.”

Chem got up in early morning to review his lessons before leaving for school. During the exam, Chem could answer all questions correctly. When he returned to his house, he saw his parents and villagers were in a meeting. He was very thrilled and told his parents that, “Today I got good scores from my exam.”

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